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Easily protect yourself by turning your own hat into a face shield. Plus, we have helped many people stay safe with over 4,000 sold!

The Shield

That Works

With Your Own Hat.

Hard Hat Model
Hard Hat Model

Hard Hat Silo
Hard Hat Silo

Hard Hat Model
Hard Hat Model

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Designed To Protect


Use in a variety of manners from protection on the front lines of food service to taking a stroll in the neighborhood

Anti-Fog Design

Rest assured this shield will not fog up on you


Unlike any imitation, the Armor Hat shield and clips are so light you won't even notice them on 

One Size Fits All

No need to worry about sizing, the Armor Hat will fit any hat.

Multiple Colors

Match any hat with a variety of clip colors

Low Glare

All shields come with glare resistant coating to enhance visibility

Quarter View Top Down.jpg



Each clip is designed for each part of a hat

Form fitting face shield that provides maximum protection

Simple connectivity to any hat

Colorful customizable clip colors